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Get The Lowest Auto Insurance Quote (Get The Lowest Auto Insurance Quote)

Insurance companies take in a variety of factors when they determine what premium you will pay for your car insurance. This includes your driving habits, age, area of residence, who else drives your car and mileage.

Here are some factors that will help you get the lowest auto insurance quote

Drive Carefully - The first step in getting the best possible rates is a clean driving record. If your driving record is accident free, you are bound to get cheaper rates.

Reduce Coverage On Older Cars -Consider reducing the amount of comprehensive coverage on older cars. Car dealers can assess the value of your car and you can reduce the amount insured. For example, a car that you bought in 2001 was worth £7,000 at that time; now its estimated value is around £5,000. So instead of paying the comprehensive insurance for £7,000, you can reduce it to £5,000 to reduce your premium.
Take Advantage Of Low Mileage Discounts - Some insurance companies offer discounts to motorists who drive a lower than average number of miles a year.

Safety And Security Equipment - The equipment installed in your car can have an impact on insurance premiums. If your have an alarm or and anti-theft system installed in your car, you will receive a lower premium rate. If your car is equipped with safety airbags, it will reduce injury-related costs and will also lead to a lower rate.

Seek Out Other Discounts - Companies offer special discounts to clients who have not had any accidents or violations for a year or more. It is often referred to as ‘No Claim Bonus’. Another common discount offered is the multi-car discount. If you insure two or more of your cars with the same insurance company, they will give you special discounts. Therefore, make sure you fully inquire about all other available discounts from the company agent before buying insurance. This extra knowledge will help you save a significant amount of money.

Consider Third Party Cover Only - This type of insurance is the minimum amount of coverage that is legally required, it is also the cheapest. You should consider this policy only if your vehicle is of low value. In any accident, any damage to a third party will be covered but any damage to your vehicle will not.

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