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Google AdSense is a Pay-Per Click (PPC) service. Webmasters are paid a portion of the revenue which Google collects from advertisers each time a web site visitor clicks on an AdSense advertisement.

Each click may pay anywhere from a few cents to several dollars. The average click seems to be worth about $.20. The more clicks AdSense advertisers receive from your web pages, the more money you make.

The basic formula for thinking about revenue from Google AdSense is:

Revenue = (Impressions * CTR * CPC)

The methods of increasing your revenue from Google AdSense are:
Increase Impressions
Increase Click-Through-Ratio (CTR)
Increase Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Increase Impressions:

The most basic method of increasing your number of impressions is to increase the traffic to your web site.

The topic of increasing traffic to your web site is beyond the scope of this article, and most likely something you are already working on.

One technique for increasing the number of Google AdSense impressions without an increase in traffic to your web site is to motivate your users to enable JavaScript. Google AdSense ads require JavaScript. Visitors to your website who do not have JavaScript enabled in their browsers will not see your Google AdSense ads.

To encourage your users to enable JavaScript, create content for your web page which is only available via JavaScript. Implement browser JavaScript detection in your HTML to notify visitors without JavaScript enabled that they are only receiving a portion of your available content.
Increase Click-Through-Ratio (CTR)

A small increase in Click-Through-Ratio can mean a large increase in revenue. A rise from a CTR of 1.0 to a CTR of 1.1 should mean an increase in revenue of 10%.

Several on-page factors can influence your Click-Through-Ratio. These factors include:
Ad placement
Ad color
Ad unit style
Total number of links

Ad Unit Style:

The Google AdSense programs offers a wide variety of ad unit styles and sizes. The ad unit styles include:

Ad UnitDimensions Leaderboard728x90 Banner486x60 Half Banner234x60 Button125x125 Skyscraper120x600 Wide Skyscraper160x600 Medium Rectangle300x250 Large Rectangle336x280 Small Rectangle180x150 Square250x250

Leaderboard and Banner ad units are obvious choices to placement in page headers and footers. Leaderboards are preferable, because they are able to show more ads. Banners are a classic web format, and may be necessary where the width of your available space is limited.

Skyscrapers are an excellent choice for advertisements, because they appear to be less vulnerable to ad blindness than the horizontal ad formats. Google recently added the wide skyscraper format. This new ad unit displays one more ad than the classic 120x600 skyscraper unit. If you are currently using the 120x600 skyscrapers, switching to the new wide skyscraper format may increase your revenue from the Google AdSense program.

Rectangles, Squares, and Buttons are best used when placed inside a content area. This makes rectangles more difficult to place, but also gives then the best revenue potential.

Increase Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Not all Google AdSense ads are created equal. Google AdWords advertisers bid for keyword combinations, and some combination are much more expensive than others.

The Google AdSense robot, Mediabot, automatically scans your web pages and determines the appropriate ads to display on your page.

It is possible to create web pages which are designed specifically to attract certain keywords from the Google AdSense program.

To determine which keywords have a higher Cost-Per-Click, create a Google Adwords account in the Google AdWords advertiser interface. This will enable you to determine roughly what AdWords advertisers are paying for each keyword combination.

Based upon this information, you may decide to create a new web page or a whole new web site.

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