How to Use a Web Conference Call as a Selling Tool

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By: Christopher J Enders

Holding a web conference call has long been recognized as a
valuable technique for online collaborations; however, the
potential for using a web conference call as a sales tool is
often overlooked. A web conference call, also known as
teleconferencing, has many uses and benefits. In order to
understand how to effectively use a web conference call as a
sales tool, it is beneficial to gain an understanding of the
traditional uses of teleconferencing and how a web conference
call works.

Common uses for a web conference call include conducting training
seminars and continuing education sessions, conducting market
research, holding press conferences, and coordinating meetings
including operational meetings, board meetings, and investor
relation meetings. From a sales perspective, a web conference
call can be used to hold sales meetings, to make sales
presentations, to provide potential retailers or affiliates with
information on new products or services, to provide press
releases, or even to conduct a live, online auction.

There are many advantages to using a web conference call for such
activities. A web conference call enables the sharing of real
time data and web conference call tools make it possible to
provide access to information used in the web conference call
before, during and after the call. Web conference calls are easy
to use and generally interface with other applications without
the need for any special hardware. A web conference call can be
held by either using a web conferencing service, or using web
conferencing software that can be installed on your server.
When using web conferencing services or web conferencing software
to conduct a web conference call, you generally schedule the web
conference call setting the time, date and duration of the web
conference call. Sometimes there is an option to reserve audio
telephone conferencing so that the web conference call can also
be accessed via telephone although with telephone access the
sharing of files is not possible. Once the web conference call is
scheduled and set up, you can choose which guests you want to
invite to the web conference call and send invitations via email.
Most web conference call solutions automate these steps.

When it is time for the web conference call, you present,
collaborate and share information via the internet using tools
provided through your web conference call solution. Most web
conference call solutions use a voice-over-IP technology that
enables conference attendees to talk back and forth if they have
microphones and speakers. Some even have web cam features so the
web conference call is "face-to-face" so to speak. During a web
conference call, attendees can see what you are doing on your
computer. They can view slides used in your presentation and so
forth as well opening files or documents that you share
throughout the web conference call.

Holding a web conference call for the purpose of conducting sales
meetings, sales presentations and press conferences saves time
and money because the attendees can attend the meeting from
remote locations. The web conference call eliminates travel time
and the expenses of travel. Furthermore, through a web conference
call, hand-outs can be provided electronically rather than being
printed resulting in even more cost savings. A web conference
call enables real-time communications between attendees.

One of the greatest benefits of using a web conference call as a
sales tool is that a web conference call makes it possible to
make sales presentations to multiple decision makers in an
organization first hand, rather than them relying upon the
translation of the information from the presentation that may be
necessary if they are physically unable to attend a sales
presentation due to geographic barriers.

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