How to Put TV Shows on Ipod and Play Ipod on TV

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It includes four parts:

Part one: How to download TV get here given that free.

Part two: How to plant TV get here on iPod.

Part three: Where to download unengaged show given that iPod.

Part four: Play iPod on TV without Apple TV.

Part one: How to download TV get here given that free.

For iPod users, you might procure solitary phase at a duration or a consummate period take enjoyment in the iTunes Store

and you might behold on your iPod, computer, or widescreen TV through Apple TV, nonetheless it value

$1.99. If you suppose it’s complication to download TV get here take enjoyment in iTunes, you might surface this conduct to

download TV get here given that free.

Here’s a fast film tutorial on how to download TV shows given that free:

Part two: How to plant TV get here on iPod.

After download TV get here on your PC, gratify acquire your term to plant TV shows to iPod, coz iPod

can hardly manipulate MP4 also H.264 video, nonetheless variant TV get here manipulate because AVI format, also different

shows plays also BETA also World Cup manipulate because HDTV, therefore you hunger different thirty portion

software to be a tower of might to you tear DVD also alter film to MP4 video, also subsequently sync it to iPod by the use of

iTunes. I vastly advice the Daniusoft DVD to iPod Suite, it might only tear CSS make a copy

protected DVD to iPod also alter WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, DivX, XviD film to iPod touch/

Nano/ Classic also pricey quality.

Here is the official download site:;

And the official step-by-step conduct around how to plant dvd film TV get here to iPod:

You cleanly ought to Install also pour it, get on well ‘Load DVD’ to import DVD or get on well ‘Load file’ to give a contribution

video column (or TV shows). If you don’t desire to alter the full DVD, you might get on well ‘trim’ to

cut age you like. DVD familiar labor under variant chapters, if you desire to meet each other into solitary

file, you might pitch on ‘Merge into solitary file’, also your iPod might show hardly solitary photo of

whole show because inside music.

But don’t omit that it’s legal alter DVD to iPod given that individually not any ad


Part three: Where to download unengaged show given that iPod.

There are different unengaged show sites given that show fans to download show given that iPod also distinctive

ShowStash( Lots of famous TV shows, cartoons, etc.

Mefeedia( "Find thousands of film blogs (video podcasts), also

watch each other on your computer, film iPod or PSP."

The Internet Movie Database ( Movie reviews, figures around

upcoming show premieres, show clips, also more.

Free Public Domain Movies also Documentaries ( Free

movies also more, the entirety to engagement had for gratis download.

iFilm( One of my ideal spots on the Web given that outstanding videos, trailers,


Here is a class of unengaged show download webistes


Most of downloaded movie theater are AVI file, you might fashion Videora or Daniusoft DVD to iPod

Suite to alter AVI film to iPod video.

Part four: Play iPod on TV without Apple TV.

This portion is around how to manipulate iPod on TV without Apple TV. As you know, Apple TV is a

connector which allows you to surge media documentation take enjoyment in your notebook computer also take a look at iPod film on

TV. You might similarly grocery store the media documentation on the unit's tough drive, nonetheless the voltage worth of the

unit is $300 supplementary or less. So, the document helps you manipulate iPod on TV therefore you might behold iPod

video on TV given that free. And you similarly might behold the film here to appreciate supplementary Why Apple TV is

pointless if you've came across an iPod.

It cleanly includes three steps:

Step 1.take a composite film cable. As figure follow:

Step 2, without problems plug solitary entire of the cable into the headphones port on iPod also the distinctive entire

into TV. There is slightly drawback to plug the composite film into TV as you can't plug

it inside corresponding to you frequently do.

Here is the diagram helps spell out whatever cables go off where inside TV.

In fact, the plugs on TV will engagement inside this order: Red, White, yellow. Plug the cables inside this

order: yellow, White, Red. Now you've came across the cable pool up.

Step 3 , pool iPod on TV up. Don’t worry, it doesn't split the iPod also all perform safe.

From the primary video display of your iPod, go off to 'Video' -> 'Video Settings'. Scroll to TV Out also roll in 'Ask' rather than 'Off'.

Then, 1) Scroll sip to TV Signal also ensure its NTSC if you live inside North America/Japan or PAL if you live anyplace else.

2) So beyond you've pool iPod on TV up, do any person a favour out to Video menu also go off want an iPod film to

watch. I chose a brand new drama series of Family male protect Lois Hi.

3) Before the film starts, opt for 'TV On' , put on TV also go off to somewhere you go off as you

use your film games, VCR, etc.

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