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 After the recent November 2012 Google Page Rank Update Caresofts is blessed with PR-1.Now everyone keep asking me "How To Increase Page Rank",so for those who are curious to know how I achieved PR4 in very short span of time here is the post.Though Google has incorporated 200+ different signals to rank a website in Google Search Results,higher priority is given to Google PR.

Increase Google Page Rank

 What is Google Page Rank ?

Those who are new here "Google ranks every website based on the number of quality and relevant incoming links to their blog/website".

   1. The minimum Google Page Rank is "0" and the maximum is "10".
   2. New websites will be given N/A(Page Rank not yet Assigned).
   3. Higher the page rank better and helps in ranking well on search engines.

How Google Page Rank is calculated?

Page Rank is calculated based on the number of incoming links and outgoing links from a blog as well.To many outgoing links will harm your blog PR.The primary criteria for a website to acquire Google Page Rank is the number of Backlinks.

Google has recently updated its algorithms and officially announced that relevancy is the new measure of Page Rank.So if you get 100 backlinks from various websites and only 10 of them are relevant,natural,organic then only those 10 links will pass link juice to your website.Other links will be simply ignored by ranking algorithms.

dofollow nofollow backlinks

 Incoming links will boost your PR whereas the outgoing links will reduce your Page Rank.

   1. Google considers only those links which pass page rank that means links which are "Dofollow".

   2. If the webmaster specifically tags a link with "Nofollow" attribute then the link wont pass any juice
       to other website.

An incoming Dofollow link will boost your page rank in the similar manner a outgoing dofollow link is going to reduce your Page Rank.So not only incoming links but also you have to consider outgoing links as well.

How to Attain a Good Page Rank:

 The basic strategy is to get good number of relevant dofollow links and reduce unnecessary dofollow outgoing links.

   1. You can simply reduce the number of dofollow outgoing links by just adding a nofollow attribute
       which is a very simple task.

   2. The tough part is to get dofollow links from other websites.

How to Build Dofollow Backlinks:

Most of them think that its very difficult to get a dofollow link but 80% of the links on Internet are dofollow which leaves back only 20% nofollow links.This shows the potential of getting dofollow links through various ways from which few most important aspects are listed below;

1.Write High Quality Content:


As I always say "Content is the King".If you write high quality content then people will automatically link back to you.No other way can generate more number of high quality links except providing high quality content to visitors.

Guest Post
2.Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is the top and always be the top ways to build dofollow backlinks for free.All you need to do is to select some websites/Blogs with Google Page Rank(Preferably PR3+) relevant to your niche which accepts guest posts and start writing posts on those blogs.They will be offering 1 or 2 links in the post or in author bio.These are the links which are going to boost your PR.

If you write about 10 Guest Posts on blogs with greater than Page Rank 3(PR3+ Blogs) then you should expect a Page Rank between 2-3.

Things you must take care of while doing Guest Posting:

     1. Do Guest Posting on those blogs relevant to your niche.For example if your blog belongs
         to Health category then do guest posting on health related blogs.

    2. Never do guest posting on low quality blogs even though they have a Good PR.Incoming
        links form low quality blogs will invite Google Penguin which is the latest google algorithm
        against link spamming.

    3. Don't spin the same article and submit it to various websites.This is also an invitation for
        Google Penguin.

Get more comments on your guest posts:

Bonus Secret Tip:If there is one dofollow link of your blog in a guest post then all other nofollow links in comment section will be considered as dofollow links by Google bot and pass the link  juice thereby giving a boost to your page rank.

 The below video demonstrates Matt Cutts view on Guest Posting:

3.Answering Questions:

This is one the best ways to get some quality backlinks.All you need to do is to join few forums and start helping others.

    1. Join few forums related to your niche.
    2. Start answering questions.
    3. Leave your blog link url for reference.

Few things to consider while answering questions:

   1. Let your answers be natural and relevant.Irrelevant answers and spammy actions will lead
       to the permanent ban from specific forum.
    2. If a link is really helpful then don't hesitate whether its other blogs or websites link.This develops
        trust among other members of the forum.

Few best places to Answer Questions:

    1. Yahoo Answers: Though they are nofollow they add great value to your blog.I got few backlinks
        from yahoo answers and all those posts were ranking very high.

    2. Wiki Answers: Same as yahoo answers but adds great value to your blog.

    3. Forums: Though most of the forums have made links nofollow there are few forums which are still
       dofollow ,join them and start answering questions.

4.Social Networking Sites-Especially Google Plus:

backlinks to your site

Be active on social networking sites.Though most of them are nofollow the latest emerging network Google+ is a dofollow social networking site.Each and every time a person gives a plusone to your site a dofollow link will be created naturally.So if you get more shares and +1's then the number of links and your website popularity increases.

5.Article Submission:

Submit articles to high page rank websites like Ezine Article,Go Articles etc and get few links to your blog from author bio or references.

6.Submit Blog to Directories:

Directory listed blogs especially DMOZ listed blogs used to rank high in Google.But now things have changed,a link from a directory is same as the link from normal website with the same page rank.

7.Go and Buy Links:

Now this may sound against Google Policies but believe me it works.If you feel its difficult to follow the above mentioned steps then this is the best way to get a decent page rank in very shortest period of time.

Few things take care before Buying Links:

    1. Buy links only from websites which are under your niche.
    2. Don't buy too many links at a time,Google may become suspicious.
    3. Don't buy links for same keywords,buy links for different keywords to avoid being caught by Google.
    4. Prefer links on Homepage.
    5. Avoid footer links.Footer links will lead to Google Penguin Penalty.

Generally I don't recommend buying links but I included in the list as it is considered to be one of the best ways to attain good page rank in very less time.Last but very important thing is don't get caught by Google.

Some More Killer Tips to Boost Google Page Rank:

As mentioned above backlinks are the Fuel to Boost Page Rank.Still there are some other aspects to consider to attain a Good Page Rank.


Interlinking the posts not only increases page views but also distribute page rank juice to other pages.This will help you to rank all the internal pages well.

2.Link to Homepage:

There should be minimum of one link from all your posts to Homepage.This will pass the page rank juice from all the posts to homepage.Sometimes you may notice a blogs internal pages rank more than the homepage.If you follow this method you can avoid such jargon's.All the advertisers will look at your Homepage rank ,so it should have higher rank than the internal pages.

Caresofts Author

3.Use "Nofollow" Wisely:

I recommend you to give nofollow to outgoing links from your blog.Except for websites which are of high authority like Facebook,Google ,Microsoft can be given dofollow.A dofollow link to high authority websites will have a SEO advantage as well.Never dofollow websites with low page rank or low authority,it can harm your ranking.

Few things that can Harm your Page Rank:

1.Don't Sell Links:

Back in 2007 link selling was the primary source of income for most of the bloggers.But after Google became serious on those paid links which pass link juice and penalized blogs which are selling links.

Don't sell links especially on Homepage Blogroll.A homepage link will pass link juice from all the pages thereby shows a huge negative impact on your page rank.One of the best examples of the website that has loosen its page rank by selling links is seoroundtable.It was previously PR7.Now its dropped to PR3 for selling dofollow links on homepage.If you sell links on Homepage give them a nofollow tag so that those links wont pass any Page Rank Juice.

2.Dont Exchange Links:

Few SEO masters suggest to exchange links but I suggest you not to exchange links as there is more harm than benefit in exchanging links.

3.Avoid Links in Footer:

Links in footer are often considered as low quality and irrelevant links.WPMU.ORG is one the best examples of those websites which was penalized by Google after introducing Google Penguin Algorithm.It had most of the links in footer templates ,so it was hit by Google Penguin later they somehow managed to recover by removing Spam links.

4.Don't Accept Too Many Guest Posts:

Block Guest PostIf you are accepting too many guest posts then you should sit back and think once again.I have seen many blogs which keep on accepting all kind of guest posts.

    1. Blogs that accept too many guest posts may loose Page Rank in
        the next update.
    2. May get penalized by Google for many outbound links.
    3. Such blogs Page Rank remains constant and wont increase for a
        very long time.
    4. If there is any suspicious link in a guest author bio then Google
        may think that its a paid link and will penalize your blog.

Google Will Penalize Blogs with Spammy Guest Posts[Video]:

Few tips before accepting Guest Posts:

    1. Accept only high quality guest posts.
    2. Avoid low quality articles.
    3. Don't giveaway too many links.Restrict to only one or two links.
    4. Don't link to any paid service or product.
    5. Don't link to any company related websites.
    6. Link to only those websites which are under the same niche.


Google has officially announced that it looks for 200+ different signals to rank search results.Still Page Rank is considered to be one of the most important parameter.As all the webmasters are behind Page Rank it is loosing its importance day by day.In future Page Rank will be having very less priority compared to other aspects.

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