Payoneer Master Prepaid Card and US Payment Service in Pakistan

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Payoneer is one of the best online money processing services on the globe which provides free Master® Debit or Prepaid Card for its consumers. The card is delivered to the consumer anywhere in the world without any boundary restrictions. This makes Payoneer the top choice of online community for processing their money, specially in Pakistan and other countries where effective international money processing services are unavailable.

US Payment Service

Payoneer provides a premium service called US Payment Service, which allows you to receive and withdraw money from PayPal, MoneyBookers and other accounts. Once your signup is approved, you are given a US Bank account (First Century Bank) and a routing number. You can transfer your money to the provided account and then can withdraw this money using the prepaid Master® Card. You can make online purchases also using your prepaid card.

Signup for Payoneer Prepaid Card

You can signup for a Prepaid Master® Card directly or through any of the Payoneer partners. Payoneer partners may provide you with additional services including the direct wire transfers to bank accounts and much more depending on the partner service through which you apply for Payoneer card.

To get a US Payment Service account and a Payoneer Master® Debit Card, you need to follow below simple steps:

  1.  Go to Payoneer’s signup page and signup for the card

  2.  In next page, provide your personal and other details including name, address, date of birth etc
     . in first step. Ensure that all details are accurate. In address field, provide your permanent address
       which is mentioned on NIC or any other government document, as Payoneer doesn’t deliver cards
       to temporary addresses

  3.  In next step, provide your personal verification details. You need to provide National Identity Card
       or other government document scans to get your signup approved

  4.  Once your signup is complete, you will receive an email asking you to upload your identity proves.
       Follow the link in email and upload your document scans. You can upload scans of National Identity
       Card or any other government document on which your name and address is mentioned

  5.  While signing up, check the box for US Payment Service signup also, so you will not need to signup
        for this service later seperately

  6.  After submitting the documents, wait for a few days and let Payoneer staff to verify and approve your
       account. Sometimes, it takes a few days and sometimes takes longer depending on the pending signup

  7.  Once your card and US Payment Service signup is approved, you will be emailed the details including
       a bank account and routing number. You can now receive money to this account. Money will be loaded
       to your prepaid card which is shifted to you soon after it is approved

  8.  Wait till the card arrives at your provided address. Once the card is reached to you, activate it from
        your Payoneer account and start withdrawing money

 Fees and Pricing

Payoneer charges a specific amount for its services. Charges are made as follows:

   1. Annual Card Maintenance: $29.95 per card
   2. Card Replacement (When stolen or misplaced): $12.95
   3. ATM Withdrawal: $3.15 per transaction
   4. ATM Balance Inquiry: $1 per inquiry

I hope you will soon experience a brilliant global money transfer service  which will surely solve your all issues related with online money processing.

Get a Free Payoneer MasterCard Here

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