7 Tips for Infiltrating another Blogs Readership

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So you’ve carved out a niche in your market, built a solid readership but you’ve reached a plateau in the amount of Feed Subscribers & Traffic that you’re generating. What’s next? Well, if you feel that your content is good enough to stand the test now’s the time to infiltrate other blogs & persuade their readers to join your party :)

There’s a number of ways to do this, please be considerate towards other bloggers though you don’t want to piss them off. Especially if they’re in the same space as you are. Anyway, these methods are non-invasive (apart from one :p) & if anything might bring you & other blogger closer together.

Guest Posts: Blogger go on holidays, go to events & shows. When no-one is around of course they need someone to fill their shoes! Building a good relationship with another blogger can be a good way to get a guest spot on their blog. If you write good content that attracts readers then you should have no problem dropping some links to your own blog. If they like what you have to say you’ll definitely increase your readship twofold.

Submit Tips: Some blogs allow you to submit tips & tricks. If you’re a smart blogger you’ll try & think outside the box for this one. I get emails everyday of crap recycled tips. Generally they’ll get deleted straight away, that’s also why I stopped doing the Blog Carnival thing, hell all the submissions I got sucked. Try to be original, give them something they’ll be thrilled to post on their blog & you’ll definitely get some attention.

Leave Comments: Comments are the easy way to generate some traffic from another blog. Try to make the comments on topic & also provide some useful information that perhaps wasn’t in the main post. If you can make the first comment on a post you’ll get the most views & traffic. I like to subscribe to Feed burners Email updates for this, it allows you to get notified as soon as a post is made. Hence get in there first

Adsense Advertising: I read a good post about this earlier on John Chow’s blog about how he advertised on Pro blogger then Darren replied with the amusing ad on the right. God knows what the CPM cost is for an Ad on Pro blogger, probably around $5-$8 CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions).

Text Link & Banner Advertising: There’s also heaps of other ways to advertise, Direct Ads, Banners & even text links with brokers like Textlinkads.

Textlinkads currently offers $100 discount on text links so loads of webmasters have been testing out the effect of having a link across 3 or so major players sites for a month.

Use Track backs: If you’re commenting about a post on another blog don’t be afraid to use Track backs. They’re an excellent way to let the blogger know you like what they write enough to write a post about it. Readers can also view the track backs so that bit of extra traffic doesn’t hurt.

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