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Lately with a number of my blogs I’ve been trying to increase the amount of pages that a user will typically read each visit. It seems that blogger have a severe case of ADD, or my writing just sucks :p The average user reads only 2 pages before leaving the site.

Generally blogger aren’t too worried about Page views, since most of them monetize with Adsense; they would much rather have the clicks & the cash than the load on the server. However, increased page views can also lead to more subscribers to your blog rather than people leaving via an advertisement. Increased readership can increase your link count, track backs & also your online presence via word of mouth.

I’ve put together a small collection of tips to help you keep your readers longer:

Deep Linking within your Site: If you come to read a particular post via the search engines, chances are that you’re interested in that particular subject. Linking posts on a similar topic or subject together is a great way to keep the user browsing through your blog & content. Comment on previous posts that you’ve written with a link, think of this as how a comedian would refer back to previous jokes to keep the audience gripped.
Don’t Post your Full Content in RSS Format: If it can be helped just keep your RSS Feed to show an excerpt of your posts. Not the whole thing. This stops users from reading the posts in a Reader & forces them to come back to your site.

Refer to the Users not yourself: Capture the users attention & strike a bond with them. Talk about things that could potentially help them in your posts. If they find your blog a useful resource with lots of on point knowledge & information you’ll increase page views easily.

Targeted Traffic: Getting traffic from the engines that is highly targeted to the topic of your blog will increase the overall user satisfaction of your blog. Try to target specific keywords related to the blog & the post in your Title Tag & Copy.

Related Posts: If you’re using Wordpress there’s a nifty little plugin that will allow you to show posts that are related to your current one. This will hopefully allow the reader to find more of your older posts & navigate deeper into your blog.

Good Navigation & Tagging: It’s important to tag your posts & place them in a good navigation system. You can also implement features such as the top 10 most read posts or the featured post plugin.
Creating a Series of Posts: Organizing your posts into a series will almost certainly attract return visitors. A series could contain any number of posts, each revealing more & more information as time progresses, kindof like a soap opera :p

Responding to Comments: When a user comments on a particular post, take the time & effort to reply to any concerns or ideas. This helps you strike a bond with the reader.

Extra Features: Readers love functionality, polls, gravatars, email subscriptions, competitions all help increase the overall user experience for your blog.

I’m sure there’s hundreds more, if you have any good ways of increasing page views. Leave a Comment

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